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The Rapid Automation Development Platform for Complete Business Process Automation

AutoMate is the leading software for automation of front and back-office business processes. It replaces the traditional model of legacy batch files, scripts and custom applications and provides all the tools necessary to completely automate complex IT Processes without writing a single line of code.

AutoMate focuses on providing a complete, integrated system for the automation of critical business processes. It’s rich, drag-and-drop based development environment provides businesses of all sizes with a true rapid-development platform that requires no programming knowledge to use and maintain.


The basic building blocks are called actions, which are plain-English, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank objects developers use to construct a series of AutoMate Steps which collectively make up the task. Decision capability, looping and other powerful flow control options are all built-in to AutoMate's powerful yet easy to use AML (Automation Markup Language) framework.


Built-in triggers allow tasks to start on a time based schedule as well as a result of a variety of events or conditions that occur. For example, tasks can start as a result of file system changes/additions, upon the appearance/disappearance of a window, when a particular event appears in the Windows Event Log, when a process starts, stops or stops responding, and much more.   

Benefits of Automation

AutoMate reduces costs and hassles associated with developing and maintaining code, scripts, and batch files. It dramatically increases transaction speeds and consistent and repeatable performance of business processes. More importantly, it eliminates time-consuming, labor-intensive, repetitive IT tasks, enabling employees to focus on activities where human interaction and thought add the most value.

Additionally, AutoMate improves collaboration between business users who benefit from automated processes and IT professionals responsible for delivering automation and supplies organizations with greater control of their networks and operations by centralizing the management of the automation network.

In short, AutoMate can accelerate information flows, centralize resources and allow business processes to be performed faster and more accurately resulting in lower cost and increased business capability.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

AutoMate is the leading platform for business process automation because it goes far beyond the simple linking together of pre-existing batch files, scripts, and custom applications. Automate tasks are developed rapidly and maintained easily, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional automation methods.

AutoMate provides cost savings at each phase of the automation project lifecycle:

Drag-and-drop task building enables tasks to be constructed rapidly. No programming code or writing batch files.

Tasks can either be deployed in-place with AutoMate's powerful event-based triggers or they can be deployed across the enterprise to other AutoMate installations or Runtimes with only a few clicks.

AutoMate tasks are displayed in plain-English sentences such as "Run the following application" and "Restart the Service", thus eliminating the problem of code abandonment that can occur when the developer of the solution leaves the company. Tasks can be organized in one convenient location instead of being spread throughout the organization.

Replace Code-Intensive Processes

AutoMate is the superior replacement for scripts, batch files, macros, or any other code intensive process. It's easy drag and drop interface allows rapid construction and automation of virtually any task that can be accomplished in Windows.

What Can AutoMate Do For Me?

AutoMate enables IT Professionals to build tasks that automate a wide variety of network and computing operations, such as:

No Code, No Limits

Integrate all your macros, scripts, batch files, and systems integration applets into a

single more manageable, more maintainable, and more powerful system - AutoMate.

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