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Network Automation has a friendly staff of customer service and technical support representatives that are eager to assist you in finding and exploring the tremendous value of AutoMate. Following are phone numbers that may be used to contact Network Automation during normal business hours, Monday through Friday - 8am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Sales Toll Free (within the United States):


(NOTE: Please do not use this number for Technical Support)

Sales and Customer Service Main Line:
(213) 738-1700

"Real People" Technical Support:
(213) 738-6966

(213) 738-7665

Mailing Address:

Network Automation, Inc.
654 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90005


If you have a technical or sales related inquiry outside of our regular business hours, please utilize our web site.

For ordering information, please visit:

Network Automation Secure Order System


(NOTE: By ordering online, you will receive your software and unique serial number immediately, 24-hours a day – We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.)

For technical assistance and helpful AutoMate resources, visit:

The AutoMate User Resource Center


Here you will find user resources, discussion groups and plenty of technical FAQ's that may address your issues and help you learn more about AutoMate.

For Product Information visit:

The AutoMate Product Information Page


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