Uses Comment


'#Uses "module" [Only:[Win16|Win32]] ...


'$Include: "module"

The Uses comment indicates that the current macro/module uses public and friend symbols from the module. The Only option indicates that the module is only loaded for that Windows platform.

Parameter Description

module Public and Friend symbols from this module are accessible. If the module name is a relative path then the path is relative to the macro/module containing the Uses comment. For example, if module "A:\B\C\D.BAS" has this uses comment:
'#Uses "E.BAS"
then it uses "A:\B\C\E.BAS".

See Also: Class Module, Code Module, Object Module.


'Macro A.WWB

'#Uses "B.WWB"

Sub Main

Debug.Print BFunc$("Hello") '"HELLO"

End Sub


'Module B.WWB

Public Function BFunc$(S$)

BFunc$ = UCase(S$)

End Sub