On Error Instruction


On Error GoTo 0


On Error GoTo label


On Error Resume Next

Group: Error Handling

Form 1: Disable the error handler (default).

Form 2: Send error conditions to an error handler.

Form 3: Error conditions continue execution at the next statement.

On Error sets or disables the error handler. Each user defined procedure has its own error handler. The default is to terminate the macro on any error. The Err object's properties are set whenever an error occurs. Once an error has occurred and the error handler is executing any further errors will terminate the macro, unless the Err object has been cleared.

Note: This instruction clears the Err and sets Error$ to null.


Sub Main
  On Error Resume Next
  Err.Raise 1
  Debug.Print "RESUMING, Err=";Err
  On Error GoTo X
  Err.Raise 1
  Exit Sub

  X: Debug.Print "Err=";Err

  Debug.Print "Err=";Err
  Resume Next