Def Definition


Def{Bool|Cur|Date|Dbl|Int|Lng|Obj|Sng|Str|Var} letterrange[, ...]

Group: Declaration

Define untyped variables as:

• DefBool - Boolean

• DefByte - Byte

• DefCur - Currency

• DefDate - Date

• DefDbl - Double

• DefInt - Integer

• DefLng - Long

• DefObj - Object

• DefSng - Single

• DefStr - String

• DefVar - Variant

Parameter Description

letterrange letter, or letter-letter: A letter is one of A to Z. When letter-letter is used, the first letter must be alphabetically before the second letter. Variable names that begin with a letter in this range default to declared type.

If a variable name begins with a letter not specific in any letterrange then the variable is a Variant. The letterranges are not allowed to overlap.

See Also: Option Explicit.


DefInt A,C-W,Y' integer
DefBool B ' boolean
DefStr X ' string
' all others are variant

Sub Main
  B = 1 ' B is an boolean
  Debug.Print B ' True
  X = "A" ' X is a string
  Debug.Print X '"A"
  Z = 1 ' Z is a variant (anything)
  Debug.Print Z ' 1
  Z = "Z"
  Debug.Print Z '"Z"