Disconnect Terminal



See Also

Connect Terminal, Disconnect Terminal, Send Terminal Text, Get Terminal Text, Wait Terminal, Control Terminal


Disconnect from a Terminal session previously established with the Connect Terminal action.

Practical Usage

Used to disconnect from a transaction with a terminal, this steps is always used in conjunction with the other terminal actions such as Connect Terminal and Send Terminal Text. The terminal actions are used in leu of terminal emulation software. Using the terminal actions, legacy systems can be automated in the background without the use of 3rd party software.


General Tab

Session Name

Text, Optional - Default "TermSess1"
MARKUP: SESSION="terminalsession2"

Specifies the session name to disconnect. This session must have been created in prior steps using Connect Terminal. Session names allow several connections to be active simultaneously. If you are only using one connection at a time, do not specify a value other than the default.


Custom Description

This action includes the Description tab for entering a custom step description.

More on setting custom step description

Standard Error Handling Options

This action also includes the standard Error Causes and On Error failure handling options/tabs.

More on Error Handling Options

Variables and Expressions

All text fields allow the use of expressions, which can be entered by surrounding the expression in percentage signs (example: %MYVARIABLE%, %Left('Text',2)%). To help construct these expressions, you can open Expression Builder from these fields by pressing F2.

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More on expressions

More on the expression builder


NOTE: The code below can be copied and pasted directly into the Steps pane of the Task Builder.