External Tasks and Sub-tasks

An external task is a task created through the Task Builder without using the Task Administrator. Unlike a managed task, it has no task properties other than steps. It is saved in its own location and does not appear in the Task Administrator window.

A sub-task is a task that is started by a Start Task step of another task—a parent task. Ordinarily the parent task is a managed task and the sub-task is an external task.  

External tasks are created or opened directly in Task Builder. You can use Task Builder to build a sub-task at the same time you are creating the steps of the parent task. You can also use an existing task as a sub-task, and you can use the same task as a sub-task in multiple parent tasks.

When you test a task by clicking Run in the Task Builder window, any sub-tasks that are not already open will be opened in Task Builder. Clicking the tab for the sub-task allows you to view its steps and its debug information.

To create an external task:

  1. Open Task Builder using one of the following methods:


  1. Create the steps of the task. (For more information, see About Actions and Adding Task Steps).

  2. Click the Save button and save the task to any desired location.

To open an external task:

  1. In the Task Builder window, click the Open button or select Open from the File menu.

  2. Navigate to the desired task and click Open.

To create a sub-task:

  1. With the parent task open in the Task Builder window, click the New Task button or click New on the File menu.

  2. Create the subtask steps as covered in Adding Task Steps.

  3. Click the Save button and enter the desired name and location for the subtask.

  4. In the Task Builder Steps pane, click the tab for the parent task.

  5. In the parent task, create a Start Task step that starts the subtask you just created.

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