About the Steps Pane

The Task Builder's Steps window pane displays the actions selected from the Available Actions pane that will be carried out when the task is performed. During task construction, actions are dragged from the Available Actions pane onto the Steps pane. During this process, the properties dialog box for the specified action opens and specific properties and requirements can be viewed, set or modified for the task step. Upon completion, the action and its properties are then displayed in the Steps pane (as shown below). Once added, an action becomes a "step". These steps run automatically in a sequential order when the task is triggered by some event or started manually by a user.

A single instance of the Task Builder can open two or more tasks. Each will be separated by tabs located on the foot of the Steps pane. When more than one task is open, tabs are created at the bottom of the Steps pane representing each task. Each tab is labeled with the name of the corresponding task. The steps of the desired task can be viewed by simply selecting the proper tab. When a task is selected, the Steps pane becomes populated with steps of that task and the Status bar and Debug pane show data for that task. For more details, see External_Tasks_and_Subtasks.


By default, a task step is comprised of the step number, the unique icon associated with the action used to create the step and a detailed description of the step and its properties (as shown below). Alternatively, step (or line) numbers and associated icons can be omitted from each step, icon sizes can be modified or step description can be fully customized. See below for instructions.

To remove/include step numbers:

Select the Task Builder's View menu and select Line Numbers. Step numbers should no longer appear in the Steps pane. To include steps numbers, follow the same instructions.

To remove icons or change icon size:

From the Task Builder, go to View -> Icon size and select from the following options:

Other Operations

Many other operations can be performed from the Steps pane such as editing steps, adding comments, setting custom step description, copying, importing and reusing task steps.

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