About the Available Actions Pane

A task consists of a series of steps that are put together to accomplish a process or procedure. The Task Builder's Available Actions window pane encompasses all of the actions available used to construct the steps of a task. Actions (also known as steps or tags) can be commands, procedures or instructions that are performed during task execution.

The Available Actions pane (shown below) is comprised of over 230 individual actions categorized into folders, which range from starting an application, opening a web page, focusing on a window, uploading or downloading files, parsing text, sending and receiving e-mail, simulating mouse or keyboard activity and much more. The Search function located on the foot of the Available Actions pane provides dynamic filtering that allows you to enter all or part of an action name and view only actions that contain matching text. The list is updated as you type. Additionally, there are other ways to easily categorize and find actions. See Finding Actions for more details.


Actions are assembled visually by dragging them from the Available Actions pane onto the Steps pane or by simply double-clicking the desired action as shown below. When this is accomplished, a window displaying the properties of the selected action appears. After setting the properties of the action, clicking the OK button saves the changes, closes the properties window and the action becomes a step in the Steps pane. A task can be composed of a single step or hundreds of steps, depending on what it is designed to perform.

By default, AutoMate actions are typically categorized into expandable folders arranged in a logical sequence. Alternately, they can be viewed with all actions listed individually (without the folders they typically reside in) in alphabetical order. Various other options are available to assist in locating and managing actions as well as customizing the Available Actions pane. These options are contained in a pop-up menu that appears when right-clicking anywhere inside the Available Actions pane. For more information, see Customizing the Available Actions pane.

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