Setting E-Mail Options

To use AutoMate features that involve sending an e-mail, you need to designate the mail server from which the messages are sent. The default mail server is used to send e-mail messages on task errors and can also be used when automating e-mail transmissions with the use of the Send E-mail action.  

To set the default mail server:

  1. From the System menu in the Task Administrator window, select Options.

  2. Click the E-mail tab. The following properties dialog appears:

  1. Enter the specifications as follows:

Default mail server

A valid SMTP mail server that AutoMate can use to route standard and possibly MIME encoded e-mail messages.

Default mail server port

The port to use for the default SMTP mail server.  This is usually 25, but may be different on special network configurations. especially if behind a firewall.

Use authentication

If this is selected, AutoMate will attempt to logon to the SMTP mail server using the information provided. Enter the user name and password in the boxes below.

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