Setting Priorities Options

AutoMate has the capability of running many tasks simultaneously. However, the more tasks that run at once, the more memory is consumed and the more CPU power is required to track and maintain the tasks. Each running task consumes approximately 7MB of memory. Therefore, AutoMate settings contain a limit on the number of tasks that can run at the same time. When the limit is reached, tasks are held in a queue until the running task count goes below the limit. The default setting is 50, which is the maximum number of simultaneous tasks supported by AutoMate.

If this setting is not suitable for your system, use the Task Administrator Priorities setting to change the limit. Select a setting that is high enough to allow tasks to run, but low enough to avoid hampering system performance.

To set the maximum simultaneous task limit:

  1. From the System menu in the Task Administrator window, select Options.

  2. Click the Priorities tab (shown below).

  3. Type or select the desired limit of simultaneous running tasks

  4. Click OK to save.

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