Setting Remote Administration Options

The Task Administrator console is capable of Remote Administration, the capability to connect to other machines running AutoMate across a TCP/IP network (such as a LAN or the Internet) in order to deploy and manage tasks remotely. For security reasons, Remote Administration is disabled by default. To enable this feature on a particular machine, the Remote Access tab options of that machine must be enabled and configured to allow remote administration to take place. When connecting from the local machine to the remote machine (where Remote Access was enabled), the user will need to enter the computer name, host name, or IP address of the remote machine along with the corresponding password.

To set Remote Administration options:

  1. From the System menu in the Task Administrator window, select Options.

  2. Click the Remote Access tab (shown below).

  3. Add a check to the parameter labeled Allow remote administration. This enables a password to be entered.

  4. Enter and confirm a password.

  5. Click OK to save changes.

To disable remote administration:

  1. Navigate to the Remote Access tab as per the instructions above and clear the Allow remote administration box.

  2. Click OK to save changes.

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