Setting Default User Options

The Task Administrator's Default User option is used in places where a user name and password may be required (such as when a managed task is set to log on a logged off workstation) but no other user has been specified.

Having a default user makes your tasks more portable because the same task can use a different user logon specific to each machine.

To enter the Default User:

  1. From the System menu in the Task Administrator window, select Options.

  1. Click the Default User tab. A dialog box appears as shown below:

  1. Enter the properties as follows:

Default user name

This can be either a plain user name such as sparky, or a user name/domain combination such as When the latter form is used, the domain field is disabled

Default password

The password to be used with the default user name specified above. This can be blank if no password is associated with the selected user.

Default domain/machine name

The domain or machine name associated with the user. This option can be left blank if the user is not a member of a domain or if there is only one workgroup for the machine.

  1. Click OK to save the settings.

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