Setting Task Logon Properties 

Task logon properties control how a task functions if the workstation is logged off or locked. Properties can also be set to specify a particular user logon to associate with the task. For more information, see About Task Logon Properties.

To set task logon properties:

Note: For all selections that require a specified user, the default specified user will be the default user entered in the Task Administrator Default User Options. To specify a different user, use the Specified User button at the bottom of the dialog box (see step 6).

  1. From the Task Administrator window, open the Managed Task Properties dialog box by selecting the task and clicking Properties or right-click the task and select Properties from the right-click menu.

  2. Click the Logon tab. A dialog appears as shown below:

  1. Under When workstation is logged on, select one of the following:

Logged on user

AutoMate runs the task as the currently logged on user using the registry and application settings for that user. This is the default option.

Background user

The task runs in the background in the context of the specified user and acts as if the task had been started by that user.  

This option should be used when you need a task to run regardless of whether or not a user is logged on, and do not want the task to end when the workstation is logged off. Note, however, that this option will not work if interaction with the desktop is required.

Specified user

The task runs in the context of the specified user and acts as if it had been started by that user.

For example, if is currently logged on, you can use this option to run the task as When the task runs, the registry and applications used by the task will act as if Sally had started them, even though the task is running on Joe’s display. This option should only be used when you need to run a task that uses applications or performs background tasks that require elevated security privileges or settings different from the logged on user.

  1. Under When workstation is logged off, select one of the following:

Don't run

The task does not run when the workstation is logged off. This is the default setting. Any task with interactive actions will not run successfully without logon.

Run as background user

AutoMate logs on silently as the specified user and runs the task in the background. This cannot be used for tasks with interactive actions. It is recommended for non-interactive tasks that require elevated rights, such as copying files from secure areas or automating secure FTP transactions.

Logon specified user

AutoMate emulates user logon for the specified user and then runs the task.

  1. Under When a workstation is locked, select one of the following:

Don't run

AutoMate does not run the task if the workstation is locked.

Run as background user

The task runs behind the locked workstation screen using the current user’s account. This cannot be used for tasks with interactive actions, but is recommended as a secure way to run tasks such as unattended file copies or FTP transfers.

Unlock using specified user

AutoMate attempts to unlock the workstation using the specified user's account. The specified user must be the same as the user currently logged on for this to be successful; AutoMate does not forcibly log off the current user and log on the specified user. (For further information, see About Automatic Logon and Unlock.)

  1. If you have selected any options requiring a specified user, and you want to specify a user other than the Task Administrator default user, do the following:

    1. Click Specified User.

    2. Select Use specified user account.

    3. Enter the user name, password, and domain or machine name in the boxes

  1. Click OK to save the settings.

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