Setting Task Logging Properties

By default, AutoMate maintains text logs that record task events, system events, and (in AutoMate Enterprise) audit events. You can view the Event logs by selecting Log from the View menu in the Task Administrator window.

Events recorded in the task events log ordinarily include only the date and time the task started and ended. However, you can set logging properties for individual tasks to include extended step information in the log or to create a separate log file for the task (which will also include step information).

To set task logging properties:

  1. From the Task Administrator window, open the Managed Task Properties dialog box by selecting the task and clicking Properties or right-clicking the task and selecting Properties from the right-click menu.

  2. Click the Logging tab. A dialog appears as shown below:

  1. To include extended step information in the system-wide task log, select Log extended step information.

  2. To create a separate log file for the task, select Log to additional text file. To select a location other than the default, click the Open Folder button, navigate to the desired folder, enter a file name, and click OK.

 Note: For information on setting system-wide logging properties, see Logging Options.

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