Setting General Task Properties

The General tab of the Task Properties dialog box displays general information about the task. This includes creation time, last run information, last result, and location of the associated task steps (.AML) file.

To set general managed task properties:

  1. From the Task Administrator window, open the Managed Task Properties dialog box by selecting the task and clicking Properties or right-click the task and select Properties from the right-click menu.

  2. Click the General tab as shown below:

  1. Use the Task is enabled check box to disable or enable the task (tasks are enabled by default).

  2. Click the Location button to open the folder location where the associated task (.AML) file of the manages task resides. You can also use the Location button to move the managed task properties from one task file to another. When you do this, the original task steps (.AML) file stays in the system, but it becomes an external task with no managed task properties. The managed task retains the original name unless you rename it (see Organizing Tasks), but it is now associated with the task file you selected.


  1. Click the Edit Steps button to open the Task Builder and view or modify the task steps. (For more information, see Creating Task Steps.)  

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