Task Error Options

These settings specify what AutoMate should do if any managed task receives an error or fails to run properly.


E-mail error notification for all tasks

When selected, AutoMate monitors all tasks and will send an e-mail notification containing details about the error or task failure in case one occurs. Enabling this option activates the following parameters:



The email recipient. This must be a valid email address (for example, sparky@networkautomation.com)



AutoMate uses this for the "From" field of the email. Some mail servers require that this be a valid email address (for example, sparky@networkautomation.com), while others allow any text (for example, "AutoMate on TestMachine")


Attach task file:

When this check box is enabled, AutoMate will attach a copy of the task file (i.e. the task steps) associated with the failing task. This file can be opened in any AutoMate Task Builder to investigate the cause of the error.



Run task on error

Enabling this option allows AutoMate to run another AutoMate Managed Task or AutoMate Task File (.AML file) upon an error occurring in any task.


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