Service User Options

The Service User options is used to set the user context that the AutoMate Task Service should impersonate when accessing restricted or secured resources such as network shares. The 'File Watcher' trigger, task database location and default task location are directly affected by the access permissions of the user specified. If no Service User is supplied, the Task Service runs as a LocalSystem user, which has very limited network permissions.


Service user name

The user name set for the Service user. This can be either a plain user name (i.e. sparky), or a user name/domain combination (i.e. When the latter form is used, the domain field is disabled.


Service user password

The password to be used with the Service user name specified above. This option can be blank if no password is associated with the selected user.


Service User domain/machine name

The domain or machine name the user is a member of. This option can be left blank if the user is not a member of a domain or if there is only one workgroup for the machine.


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