SNMP Options

The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) options can be used to set the default location of the Management Information Base (MIB) files that AutoMate will search for and  the port number that AutoMate will use to listen for SNMP traps.


MIB File location

A directory where the MIB (Management Information Base) files are located. Only files with an extension of .mib are parsed. The SNMP actions use these MIB files to translate object names and identifiers to their numeric counterparts. The default location entered is C:\Windows\system32.


Listen to traps on local port

The port number that AutoMate will use to listen for traps using the SNMP Trap Watcher trigger. Set this to some other than the default if you already have an SNMP manager installed on your system. Note, however, that if this port is changed, the SNMP agent must be notified of the proper port in order for AutoMate to capture the trap event. The default value is port 162.