Logging Options

The Logging tab allows you to set AutoMate's logging options. AutoMate can maintain a text log file that documents various events and messages. AutoMate Enterprise Agents can also use external database logging to log AutoMate events to an external datasource.


Enable text logging

When enabled, AutoMate will log system and task events to separate text log files in the directory specified. AutoMate Enterprise Agents also log an audit log file. These files can then be viewed using the AutoMate Event Viewer located in the Task Administrator, or using any standard text editor. When text logging is enabled, it activates the following options:


Location for log files

Allows the selection of a location where the Automate System, Audit Events and Task Events log should be written. The default location is dependant on the operating system that AutoMate is installed on. They are as follows:  


Trim log at

Sets the upper size limit of the text log files, in kilobytes. If the log reaches the limit specified, AutoMate will automatically trim 20% of the log file from the top and continue logging to the end of the file. By default, this value is 5000 kb.



Enable Database Logging (AutoMate Premium Edition)

When enabled, AutoMate events are written to an external datasource. The datasource can be configured using the Configure button, which presents a standard OLEDB connection string dialog. AutoMate will automatically create and maintain the tables in this database when logging starts. The AutoMate events can then be viewed using the AutoMate Event Viewer of the Task Administrator, or queried against like any other database in your database server. (This parameter is disabled by default)


Note: When External Database Logging is enabled, the AutoMate Event Viewer will display the events logged to the database server and not the local text files regardless of whether or not the Enable text logging feature is enabled. For more information regarding the AutoMate Viewer, see Automate_Event_Log.


When the Enable Database Logging option is enabled, the following parameters become available:



Allows configuration of the external datasource string. The database must already be present before AutoMate starts in order for database logging to work correctly.


Automatically trim AutoMate Event Log

Allows AutoMate to automatically trim the database log. The available trim options are days or months. The default is 6 months.

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