Indicators Options

The Indicators tab options determine whether or not to display a small indicator window showing currently running tasks. It also allows you to modify the default hot-key used to stop a currently running task.


Display running task window when a task is running

When this option is enabled (or checked), a small indicator window will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when a task runs. The window displays the name of the task, the step number currently executing, and total progress of the running task. There is also a "Stop Task" link that stops the task when clicked. Running Task windows stack one on top of the other if there is more than one running task. When this option is not selected, no window appears and the task runs silently. This option is enabled by default and allows for other options to be selected/de-selected. They are as follows:


Display title bar on Running Task window

The Running Task window will have a standard windows title bar, which allows the user to drag the indicator window to a different position on the screen. When disabled (or un-checked), the window does not have a title bar and consumes less space on the screen. This option is disabled by default.


Make Running Task window always on top

The indicator window remains above any other windows that may appear in the same area. When disabled (or un-checked), the window falls into the background if another window is placed on top of it. This option is enabled by default. A hidden indicator window can only be brought to the front if it has a title bar (i.e. if the parameter labeled Display title bar on Running Task window is enabled).


Use transparent window

Displays the task indicator window as slightly transparent. This allows other windows underneath the running task indicator to be seen. This option is enabled by default.


Running task interruption hotkey

This parameter allows a user to modify the default hotkey used to stop a running task. The default hot-key is Ctrl + Alt + Page Up.  


NOTE: Active or running tasks can always be stopped using Ctrl + Alt + Page Up (or the selected hot-key) whether you choose to display the running task window or not. For more details, see Manually Starting or Stopping Managed Tasks.


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