General Options

The General tab contains preferences that reflect certain behavior and determine the overall "look and feel" of the AutoMate Task Administrator on the local system. Preferences include whether to play a sound on task failure, whether to use the Wizard when creating a new task and whether a pop-up warning dialog should appear when deleting a task (to name a few).



Specifies what language the AutoMate interface and logging should use.  By default, AutoMate uses the same language settings as the locale of your machine, if that language is supported by AutoMate (this is the System Default option). You can also override this and force AutoMate to speak one of the currently supported languages: English and French.


Double-clicking a task will:

Specifies what will happen if you double-click on a task in the Task Administrator:


Remove task file on delete:

When a new managed task is created, AutoMate automatically generates an associated task file on the system where the task steps are stored.  When a managed task is deleted, the associated task file can optionally be left on the system to be used later by another managed task.  This option sets the default action when a managed task is to be deleted:


Export blank task with broken link:

When exporting a task, the task steps are usually embedded within the exported managed task. A broken link is a managed task that cannot find it's associated task file. This can happen if the task file once associated with the managed task has been removed or deleted manually. This option sets whether AutoMate should allow the task to be exported with blank steps, or simply refuse to export the task:


Use wizard when creating new tasks

When enabled, AutoMate will present the Add Task Wizard when clicking the New button on the toolbar or the File | New menu option.  The Add Task Wizard provides a step-by-step means of creating a new AutoMate Managed Task. When not selected, AutoMate creates a task with a default name (usually "New Managed Task") with default properties. The task can then be further configured by viewing it's properties. (This parameter is enabled by default)


Confirm on managed task delete

When enabled, AutoMate displays a confirmation dialog each time the user attempts to delete a Managed Task.  When not selected, tasks are deleted immediately.  Once a Managed Task is deleted, it cannot be recovered.  The task can usually be re-imported, however, if the task file associated with the managed task was left on the system. (This parameter is enabled by default). See Importing Tasks for more details.


Show full file path in filename column

When the filename column is selected as a viewable column and the task display is in Detail mode, this option determines whether the full path to the Task File is displayed. If not selected, only the name of the Task File is displayed. (This parameter is disabled by default)


Show error window when Task Administrator Window is open

If a Managed Task fails at runtime and the Task Administrator is open, a dialog displaying information relevant to the error (such as the task name, step number, error, etc) can be displayed. Errors are always logged to the log file as set in Logging Options regardless of this option setting. (This parameter is enabled by default)


Play sound on task failure

When this option is enabled and a running task fails to run correctly while the Task Administrator is open, the sound file specified is played. The sound file must be a valid wav file.  If this option is not selected, no sound is played. (This parameter is enabled by default)


New tasks use elevated privileges

In Windows Vista, when User Access Control (UAC) is enabled, a task requires administrator privileges in order to run. When this option is enabled, newly created tasks will automatically run with elevated privileges. (This parameter is disabled by default).

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