Default User Options

Used to set the user name, password and domain for the default user. The default user is used in places where a user name and password may be required (such as when a managed task is set to log on a logged off workstation) but a specified user has not be specified. Using a default user makes your tasks more portable because each AutoMate system can set its "default AutoMate user" to an account appropriate for their configuration.



Default user name

The default user name can be either a plain user name (i.e. sparky), or a username/domain combination (i.e. When the latter form is used, the domain field is disabled.


Default password

The password to be used with the default user name specified above. This option can be blank if no password is associated with the selected user.


Default domain/machine name

The domain or machine name the user is a member of. This option can be left blank if the user is not a member of a domain or if there is only one workgroup for the machine.

These values are also used to replace the special fields of the Logon and Unlock Keystrokes used when logging on or unlocking a workstation. See the "See Also" section below for more information.

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