Configuring AutoMate - Overview

Almost every aspect of AutoMate can be configured to meet a user's specific requirements. Options such as default e-mail server, default user, proxy settings and task error handling capabilities can be configured globally from a central location in the Task Administrator.

To configure system options:

  1. From the Task Administrator interface, select the System menu item and scroll down to Options. This will open a window titled Options which includes a variety of general and system options separated by tabs as shown below:

  1. Select the tab corresponding to the preferences you would like to configure.


Configuring specific system options

Preferences are conceptually divided into two parts: Task Administrator options and Task Service options. To configure individual options, select the appropriate link below.

Preferences that are specific to the AutoMate Task Administrator


Preferences that are specific to the AutoMate Task Service




Task Errors

Remote Access




SQL Connections


Service User

Default User

Logon Keystrokes



NOTE: By default, when configuring AutoMate you are configuring the local AutoMate (i.e. the AutoMate running on the same machine as the Task Administrator).  However, when using Remote Administration, the Task Service preferences can be set on any machine you are connected to. See Using Remote Administration for more details.

Technical Information Regarding Each Preference

To view technical information regarding a specific system option, select the appropriate link below:

General Options

System Options

Indicators Options

Logging Options

Task Error Options

Remote Access Options

E-Mail Options

Proxy Options



Priorities Options

Service User Options

Default User Options

Logon Keystrokes Options

SNMP Options

Holidays Options