General Properties

Displays general information about the managed task including task name, creation time, last run information, last result, and location of the associated task (.AML) file. Provides a Location button allowing easy navigation to the associated AML (AutoMate Markup Language) file. Also allows you to open the Task Builder by clicking the Edit Steps button.


Last run on

Displays the date/time when the task was last executed.



Displays the result of the task during its last execution. If a task ran successfully during its last execution, "Success" will be displayed. If a task failed with an error, a description of the error message will be displayed in red for ease of recognition.


Task is enabled

When selected, this option indicates that the task is enabled. Deselecting this option disables the task, which will cause it not to execute. (this parameter is enabled by default)

Note: Task icons that are grayed out in the Task Administrator indicates that they are currently disabled


Location of task steps

Displays the location of the task file (.AML file) corresponding to the managed task.



Clicking the Location button will open the folder location where the associated task file (.AML file) of the manages task resides.


Edit Steps...

Clicking the Edit Steps button opens the AutoMate Task Builder allowing you to create/edit the steps of the task.


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