Global Error Handling

Through the Task Administrator, you can set error handling options that apply to all managed tasks. These settings specify what AutoMate should do if any managed task fails to run properly.

To set global error handling options:

  1. On the Task Administrator System menu, click Options.

  2. In the General tab, select or clear the following boxes according to your preference:

Show error window when Task Administrator is open

If this is selected, an error message is displayed if Task Administrator is open at the time a task fails.

Play sound on task failure

Select this to play a sound when a task fails. If you select this, use the open folder button to browse and select a wav file to be played on error.

  1. Click the Task Errors tab (shown below) and enter your selections as follows:

E-mail error notification for all tasks

Select this to have AutoMate send an e-mail message containing data about the task failure. Enter the specifications as follows:

Run task on error

Select this to run another AutoMate Managed Task or AutoMate Task File (.aml file) upon error. For a managed task, select from the drop-down list. For an external task file, enter the path and file name of the .aml file.

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