Error Handling Overview

AutoMate provides three levels of error handling to help you manage and troubleshoot your tasks. You can set error handling properties globally for the whole system, at the task level for each task, and at step level for any step in a task.

System Level Error Handling

AutoMate can handle errors globally for all tasks that run on a system. If this option is enabled, AutoMate will act upon ALL managed tasks that fail with an error. The settings for System Error Handling can be configured in the Task Administrator by navigating to System -> Options -> Task Errors tab (as shown below). For more details, see Task Error Options.

Task Level Error Handling

As part of AutoMate's "tri-level" error handling, errors may be handled on a per task basis. This is ideal if the user wants AutoMate to perform specific error handling procedures for a managed task. A task level error occurs when a step within a task fails and AutoMate generates an error. This causes the task to notify the Task Service of the failure which allows the task's error level handing events to occur. Task level error handling can be set individually for any task and can be configured in each task's Managed Task Properties window under the Errors tab (displayed below). For further information, see Task Error Handling.

Step Level Error Handling

Errors may be handled on a per step basis as well. Normally, any failure of a step within a task causes a step error. What causes a step to fail is, however, dependent on the step and it's parameters. These parameters can be adjusted under the Error Causes tab of any AutoMate step. If a step fails, the user can select from a number of actions to be carried out. These actions are located in the On Error tab of any specific step. An example of the 'Run' action's Error Causes and On Error tab is illustrated below. For further information, see Step Error Handling.


Flow Of Error Handling

The flow of error handling is from step to task to system. If a step level error occurs, the step error handling goes into effect. If the step error handling includes stopping the task, the task is then stopped, which starts the task error handling and global error handling. When setting error handling properties, be aware of the properties set at higher levels.

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