Using Watches

Watches are used as a debug tool in the Task Builder to evaluate a variable or condition as a task is running. You can set a watch on a variable used in the task, or you can enter an expression to create a more complex watch. The Watches view of the Debug window displays a list of all watches and updates the value of each watch as the task runs.

To add a watch on a variable:

  1. In the Steps pane of the Task Builder window, select the Create Variable step for the variable you want to watch.

  2. On the Edit menu, click Add to watchlist.

To add a watch using an expression:

  1. In the Task Builder debug window, click the Watches tab.

  2. Enter the expression to watch in one of the following ways:

  3. Click Evaluate to check the syntax of your expression.

  4. Click Watch to add the watch.

To modify a watch:

  1. In the Watches Debug window, right-click the watch and click Change.

  2. Type the new variable or expression for the watch and press Enter.

To remove a watch:

Note: Using watches can affect runtime performance in the debugger on slower machines. If debugging speed becomes a factor, try removing watches that are no longer needed. This does not apply to runtime performance outside the debugger, as watches are ignored outside Task Builder.

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