Using Breakpoints

Breakpoints are a feature of the Task Builder that you can use to pause a task at certain steps when you are testing or debugging it. This can be used to check steps that you suspect are not executing correctly or to check the status of your variables. You can set a breakpoint at any step and use as many breakpoints as you want in a task. When you click Run on the Task Builder toolbar, the task will run until it reaches the breakpoint and then stop. Breakpoints are ignored when the task is triggered or otherwise run outside of Task Builder.

To debug a task using breakpoints

  1. In the Steps pane of the Task Builder window, set breakpoints in one of the following ways:

A breakpoint is indicated by a red dot () to the left of the step. The step is also colored the Breakpoint color as set in the Color preferences. An example of task steps which include breakpoints is illustrated below.


  1. In the Task Builder toolbar, click Run to run the task.

    The task runs and stops at the first breakpoint.

  2. In the Task Builder Debug window, click the Variables tab to check the current value of your variables. You may also want to check the Output view in the Debug window.

  3. Depending on what you determine from the data displayed, you can then click Run to continue the task, click the Step button to continue the task step by step, or click the Reset button to stop the task and edit the steps.

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