Testing Tasks Using Run Options

There are various Run options contained in the Task Builder (as illustrated below) that can be used to examine and debug tasks as they are being designed and executed. The Run button’s default behavior is to run all steps of the task sequentially. Alternatively, clicking the down arrow next to the Run button provides the options Run Selected, which runs only selected steps or Run From Here, which runs the task from a specified step. In addition, task execution can be “paused” by clicking the Pause button, stopped by clicking the Reset button or can be “stepped” through by clicking the Step button.



To run the entire task:

To run a selected step:

To run the task from a selected step:

To pause a running task:

To stop a running task:

To run a task step by step:

  1. Click the Step button .

    The first step of the task runs.

  2. Check any output data you want to check and then click the Step button again to run the next step. If Task Builder is minimized, use the Debug Task toolbar.

  3. Continue clicking Step until you reach the end of the task or until you have seen what you need to see. You can click the Reset button at any time to stop the step process.

More on "Stepping"

“Stepping” is the process of executing a task one step at a time. When clicking the Run button, task execution may happen so quickly that it’s too complicated to determine what is causing the problem and where that problem occurs. The Step button is ideal for such a situation because clicking this button will execute one step, then wait, providing a chance for the developer to examine what the previous step may (or may not) have done or observe the contents generated in the Debug window in order to better diagnose the task. The Step button can be accessed via the keyboard by hitting the F9 key.

NOTE: Alike with the Step button, all Task Builder objects and controls contain a corresponding shortcut key. To determine the appropriate shortcut for a button, simply hover the mouse of that button. Related shortcut keys can also be viewed by selecting the different menu items.

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