About Watches

A Watch is a debugging tool that can be used in the Task Builder for examining the states of variables and conditions within a running task. It essentially provides real-time view of a variable's or an expression's value.

A watch can simply be the name of a variable. For example, to watch the value of an AutoMate variable named TotalCount, add a watch that contains simply TotalCount.

Embedded expressions can also be used within a watch, using the same syntax as a standard AutoMate embedded expression. To watch the length of an AutoMate variable called "myName", add a watch Len(myName)

When a task is run in the Task Builder, Watches are re-evaluated after each step is executed. When a task runs outside the Task Builder, for example when a task is triggered or ran manually from the Task Administrator, watches are ignored.

Watches can be added, removed, or modified using the Watches View of the Debug Window.

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