Variables Debug View

The Variable View of the Task Builder Debug Window lists all the AutoMate variables that are used by the current task. When a Create Variable action is included in a task, an AutoMate variable is created when the task runs. The Variable View then, in essence, lists all the Create Variable steps that are contained in the task.

Contents of the Variables Debug Window

The Variables view is divided into three columns:


The name of the variable. Variables must begin with a letter, and cannot contain spaces. Variable names are not case sensitive. Names must be unique within the same task (i.e. no two variables can have the same name).


Before the task is run for the first time in a Task Builder session, the Contents column contains the initial value of the variable as set in the variable's associated Create Variable step. When a task is running, the Contents reflects the current value of the variable at execution time. If Real-Time Variable Insight is enable in Editor Options, the value is updated after each step executes. If Real-Time Variable Insight is not enabled, the variable value view is updated when the task is paused, when a breakpoint is encountered, and when the task ends.


A description for the variable. This can be set when creating or editing the Create Variable step. The description does not affect variable performance at runtime.

Managing Variables through the Variables Debug Window

Variables can be added, edited, or deleted directly from the Variables Debug window. When you edit variables in this way, Create Variable steps are added, changed, or deleted in the task.

To edit an existing variable:

To add a variable:

To delete a variable:


NOTE: As with all Debug Window views, selecting Stay On Top from the right-click menu causes the view to remain on top of all other Task Builder windows. Selecting Dockable allows the view to be docked along the bottom of the Task Builder below the Steps Window. If Dockable is not selected, the window will not dock to any other views or windows.

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