Output Debug View

The Output view of the Task Builder Debug window contains real-time information about the running task. As a task executes, each step is logged to the Output view with debug information, including the step number, the action, whether or not the step completed, and failure data if the step failed. Furthermore, each step may have it's own debugging information that is written to the Output view. For example, the Copy Files action outputs the name of each file being copied while it is executing.

The Output view can contain invaluable information about what a task is doing at any given time. It also contains extended information on task failure. The Output view is usually the best indication of why a step failed.

Managing Output Data

The contents of the Output window can be handled in several different ways. New output can be appended to the existing data in the Output window, or the window can be cleared before additional data is entered. Output data can be copied to the clipboard, and the contents can then be pasted into any application or window that accepts standard text. You can also save the contents of the Output window to a standard text file.

To copy the contents of the Output window:

Right-click anywhere in the Output window and select Copy. Then open the application of your choice and use the Paste function.

To clear the contents of the Output window:

Right-click anywhere in the Output window and select Clear.


On the Task Builder Tools menu, click Editor Options. Then click the Debugger tab and ensure Clear Output window on run is selected. This will clear the Output window at the start of running any task.

To save the output data to a text file:

Right-click anywhere in the Output window and select Save As... . Then select a location, enter a file name, and click Save. The contents are saved as a standard Windows text file.

As with all Debug Window views, selecting Stay On Top from the right-click menu causes the view to remain on top of all other Task Builder windows. Selecting Dockable allows the view to be docked along the bottom of the Task Builder below the Steps Window. If Dockable is not selected, the window will not dock to any other views or windows.

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