Viewing Events Logged Remotely (Premium Edition)

With AutoMate Premium, Runtimes and other compatible remote installations can use the External Database Logging feature to log AutoMate events to an external datasource such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or mySQL using a standard OLEDB connection. This offers an easy way to view events logged by remote AutoMate clients.

To configure External Database Logging:

  1. From the Task Administrator, connect to the machine in which to configure External Database Logging on (if configuring a remote client).

  2. Select System -> Options and navigate to the Logging tab (as shown below).

  3. Add a check to the Enable database logging option.

  4. Click the Connect button and enter the proper information in the Data Link Properties dialog that appears.

  5. Upon completion, click Ok to save settings.

Upon completion, AutoMate will automatically create and maintain the tables in this database when logging starts. AutoMate events can then be queried against any other database in the database server. Furthermore, the level of logging made to the database server can be customized. All AutoMate events that occur remotely can then be viewed from the AutoMate Event Log section of the local Task Administrator (by clicking the Log button from the toolbar).

NOTE: The database must already be present before AutoMate starts in order for database logging to work correctly. When External Database Logging is enabled, the AutoMate Event Viewer will display the events logged to the database server and not the local text files regardless of whether or not text logging is enabled.

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