Modifying Remote Preferences

When connected to a remote AutoMate Task Service, system preferences  can be remotely viewed or modified in the same manner as viewing/modifying the local system preferences. Data backup/restoration and the option to enable/disable remote task triggering can be performed as well.  

Viewing/Editing Remote System Preferences

Upon connection to a remote AutoMate client, system preferences relative to the remote machine can be accessed. Modifications to any preferences occur on the remote machine. However, when editing preferences that specify a drive location (i.e. the Default managed task location parameter located in the System tab or the Location of logging parameter found in the Logging tab) the Explorer window that comes into view reflects the local machine's drive. In such cases, be sure to enter the drive location relative to the remote machine.

To view/edit remote system preferences:

  1. From the Task Administrator, establish a connection to the remote AutoMate client or select a currently connected client from the Task Folders pane.

  2. Select the System menu and navigate to Options.

The Options dialog window that appears will include the hostname, computer name or IP address of the remote machine confirming that the remote machine's system preferences are being viewed (as shown below). Any changes made to system preferences at this time will reflect the remote machine’s system preferences. For more details about setting system options, see Configuring AutoMate.


Enabling/Disabling remote task triggering

In addition to modifying remote preferences, task triggering can be enabled/disabled once connected to a remote AutoMate client. This can be accomplished by selecting the System menu and adding a check to the Enable Task Triggering option to enable remote triggering or removing a check to disable remote triggering. Task triggering is enabled by default.

Backing up or restoring a remote Automate client

The Backup and Restore function can be performed on a remote AutoMate client. Once remote connection is established, select System -> Backup to backup a remote client or select System -> Restore to restore a previous backup. A properties dialog box will appear during either the backup or restore process which will include the host name, computer name or IP address of the remote machine verifying that the procedure is being carried out on the remote machine. Follow instructions found in Backup_and_Restore_AutoMate_Data to complete the backup/restore process.

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