Deploying Tasks

Deploying is a method of running a local task on one or more remote machines.  A deployed task is copied from the local machine to the remote machine, and can be set to run on the remote machine immediately after it is received. A permanent copy including any attachments is retained at the remote machine.

Note: You can also copy tasks from one machine to another using the copy and paste functions (see Managing Tasks Remotely). The difference between deploying and simply copying a task is that when you deploy, you can have the task or tasks run immediately, and you can send the tasks to multiple machines with a single action.

To deploy one or more tasks:

  1. In the right (main) window pane of the Task Administrator, select the task or tasks to deploy. Use CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select multiple tasks.

  2. Click Deploy on the toolbar or from the File menu, select Task -> Deploy.

  1. A dialog box appears allowing for the selection of machine(s) in which to deploy the task(s) to, as shown below.

  1. In the Deploy dialog box, select one or more machines from the list of connected machines to deploy to.

  2. If you want the task or tasks to be deployed to the root folder of the remote Task Administrator, enable the Deploy to Root parameter. Otherwise, if the task(s) being deployed are located in a sub-folder, the same folder structure will be created on the remote machine during deployment.

  3. If you want the task or tasks to run immediately as soon as they are deployed to the remote machines, enable the Run immediately option.

  4. Click OK.

    If a task being deployed matches a task already on a remote machine, a dialog will appear on the local machine asking whether or not to overwrite the existing task.

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