Connecting to Remote Machines

To use Remote Administration, AutoMate must establish a TCP/IP connection to each remote machine. Before this can be performed, each remote machine must have Remote Access enabled and a password defined. Additionally, the AutoMate Task Service must be running on the remote machine. The Task Administrator is used to establish the connection. The host name, computer name or IP address of the remote machine and the defined Remote Administration password is needed during the connection process.

When a user starts the local Task Administrator, it automatically contacts the Task Service on the same machine. Once the Task Administrator is open, the user can then connect to a remote AutoMate client.

To connect to a remote AutoMate client:

  1. Ensure remote access is enabled and the Task Service is running on the remote machine.

  2. Open Task Administrator on the local machine.

  3. Be sure the Task Folder view is visible: On the View menu, go to Windows and make sure Task Folders is checked as shown below. (This is not necessary for remote administration to function, but it aids in navigating from computer to computer.)

  1. Click the Connect button located on the toolbar or navigate to the File menu and select Connect...  (displayed below).

  1. A window titled Connect will appear, as illustrated below. In the Host box, enter the computer name (such as MYSERVER), the host name (such as or the IP address (such as

    : If the AutoMate Server port on the remote machine is anything other than the default 7877, you will need to enter the port number preceded by a colon following the machine name, for example JoesMachine:7877. You can view the port setting at the remote machine by selecting Options from the System menu and clicking the System tab.


  1. In the Password box, enter the password for the remote machine. Thereafter, click OK.


The Task Administrator will attempt to establish and authenticate the connection on the remote machine. Once the connection is established, a new computer icon corresponding to the remote connection will appear in the Task Folders pane and folders present on the remote machine will appear directly under the computer icon (as shown below). Selecting a remote folder will populate the main Task Administrator window with the remote tasks contained in that folder. Switching back and forth from the local machine to various remote clients can be accomplished by simply clicking a computer or folder icon in the Task Folders pane.



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