About Remote Administration

Remote Administration is the ability to connect to remote AutoMate clients in order to deploy and manage tasks on multiple machines across a LAN or the Internet. It requires at least two separate machines connected on a network using the TCP/IP protocol. One machine must have the AutoMate Task Service running (the remote machine) and another machine must have the AutoMate Task Administrator running (the local machine).

Remote Administration is accomplished by using the Task Administrator console located on the local machine to connect to other AutoMate Task Service installed remotely. Once connected, a user can deploy tasks, enable/disable triggering, configure system preferences and run tasks manually on the remote machine.

Ordinarily the Task Administrator is used to access the Task Service on the local machine. With remote administration, the Task Service located on other machines can be accessed as well. Requirements for remote administration are as follows:

The Task Administrator and Task Service are two of several AutoMate components, all working together to act as one cohesive unit. The Task Administrator contains the interface used to create, organize and manage tasks, set preferences, configure trigger events and manually execute tasks. It generally functions as a "front-end" to the Task Service. The Task Service is a background application that has no direct user interface and communicates with the Task Administrator and other AutoMate components via TCP/IP, whether remotely or on the local system.

Using remote administration, a user can manage tasks on remote machines in the same manner as managing tasks on the local machine. All the functionality available for the local machine is available on any other machine as soon as AutoMate connects to it. Once connection is established, tasks can be copied from any connected machine to any other connected machine. Tasks that are created and stored on the local machine can run on remote machines by using the Deploy function.

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