Viewing and Hiding Task Builder Window Panes

In the Task Builder window, the Available Actions pane and the Debug pane can be displayed in various ways or can be hidden depending on your preference. Either pane can be dragged off and used as a floating window, repositioned in the window, or set to auto-hide. Additionally, each of the eight different views of the Debug window can be individually dragged off and repositioned. The Status bar at the bottom of the window can also be displayed or hidden depending on your preference.

Hiding or Displaying Panes

To show or hide selected panes:

To auto-hide a pane:

Moving Panes

To move a pane:

To move a view of the Debug window:

Hiding or Showing the Status Bar

The Status bar along the bottom of the Task Builder window displays the progress of the task as it runs. It displays the currently selected or currently running step number, the status of the step (running, finished, or error), plus, if the step is running, the percent of progress and the action being performed.

To turn the Status bar on or off:

NOTE: To return to the original default settings, go to the View menu and select the option titled Reset Interface. A pop-up dialog will ask whether you want to continue with re-setting the interface. Clicking Yes will complete the procedure. This returns all views, toolbars, and options to their original settings. All custom views will be lost.

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