Task Builder Debug Toolbar Preferences

When you test a task that includes interaction with a window, Task Builder minimizes to allow the steps to proceed. To aid in testing the task, the Debug toolbar displays in a separate window while the task runs.

There is also a set of shortcut keys that can be used when testing a task. These are listed in the Debug toolbar options page, and are active only while a task is being run/tested in Task Builder.

You can change the shortcut keys to any desired key combinations not already in use, and you can change the position of the Debug toolbar on the screen.

To set Debug toolbar options:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Editor Options.

  2. Click the Debug Toolbar tab (illustrated below).

  3. To hide the debug toolbar, clear the Show toolbar at check box.

  4. To change the display position of the toolbar, ensure the check box is selected and select a position in the box below.

  5. To control whether the toolbar remains on top, select or clear the Always on top check box.

  6. To change any of the shortcut keys, click in the box and press the desired keys.

  7. Click OK when finished.


Show toolbar at

If enabled, specifies the location of the toolbar. If disabled, the toolbar will be hidden from view. The available options are:


Always on top

If enabled, the toolbar will always be on top of other windows.

Toolbar Hotkeys

Allows selection of hotkeys to run, stop, pause or step through a task. The available options (along with their default hotkey parameters) are: