Changing the Task Builder Display

There are a number of different ways to customize the visual steps added to a task. Steps can be viewed in AML or plain text format,

Switching from Visual to AML View

Task Builder offers two ways in which to view the steps of a task. The default visual view shows a plain English text description of each step. The AML view shows the actual AML (AutoMate Markup Language) code for the task, which is the internal language used by AutoMate. If you understand AML, you can edit the code directly in the Steps pane when set to AML view. In either view, double-clicking any step will open its properties dialog box.

To change the Task Builder view:

  1. Go to the View menu

  2. Select AML to switch to code view or Visual to switch to plain text view. This option is set to Visual by default.

To edit code in AML view:

  1. From the Steps pane, select the step to edit.

  2. Click the step again to make the code editable.


Changing the Steps Display

By default, numbers are displayed for each step in the Task Builder's Steps pane along with an icon designating the type of action used. Also the text (or AML code) that appears in the Task Builder's Steps pane is word wrapped by default allowing all text to be visible in the window regardless of its size. However, these options can be customized according to each user's preference.  

To turn Word Wrap off /on:


To disable/enable step numbers :


To change the Icon display:



Resetting the Interface

To reverse the changes made to the Task Builder interface, you can reset to the default settings. This returns all views, toolbars, and options to their original settings.

To return the interface to the default configuration:

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