Computer Properties

Computer properties supply specific information about the specified AutoMate, client such as the IP Addess where it resides, its current version or whether triggering enabled for that client. Computer properties can be accessed from the Task Administrator by first selecting the All Computers icon located in the left window pane. This populates the right window pane with all computers (including the local computer). Simply select the desired computer from the right pane and click the Properties button or right-click the computer and select Properties from the right-click menu to view the information about that computer. A window similar to the one below will appear.


IP Address

Specifies the IP Address of the selected computer.


Specifies whether the selected computer is currently connected.

Task Triggering

Specifies whether task triggering is enabled for the selected computer.


Provides the current version of the selected computer.

User Context

Provides the user context for the selected computer as specified under System -> Options -> Default User tab.


Specifies whether user impersonation is enabled for the selected computer.

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