About Managed Task Properties

The task properties of a managed task control the triggering, security, task priorities, user logon, logging, and task error handling of a particular task. Managed task properties are not part of the task steps (.AML) file, which contains only the steps. You can edit the properties of a managed task completely independent from the task steps.

Task properties are managed through the Task Administrator, while task steps are managed through the Task Builder An intuitive development interface where AutoMate Tasks are created. Task steps are created by dragging-and-dropping actions from a palette in Task Builder and placing them in the sequence desired for execution.. You view or change the properties of a managed task through the Task Administrator window.

To view or modify task properties:

  1. Select the task in the right pane of the Task Administrator window, and click Properties on the toolbar or simply right-click the task and select Properties from the menu that appears. The Managed Task Properties dialog appears as shown below.

*Click a specific tab on the image or associated links listed below to view more details.

  1. Click the appropriate tab of the property you wish to view or edit. The alphabetical list of available tabs are:










For information on editing specific managed task properties, see:

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