Duplicating Tasks

If you are building a task that is similar to an existing task, one way to save time is to start by duplicating the existing task. You can then change the name, steps, and properties as needed. When you duplicate a task, the managed task properties are copied to the new task and a new task steps (.AML) file is created containing the copied steps of the task.

To duplicate a task:

  1. In the Task Administrator window, right-click the task you wish to duplicate and select Duplicate from the right-click menu that appears (illustrated below).

    A copy of the task is added to the managed tasks list. The new task will have the same name as the original with a (1) added.

  2. Right click the new task, select Rename, and then type a name for the new task.

    Both the managed task name and the task steps file name are changed.

  3. Edit the task properties and steps as desired.

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