Setting a Window Trigger


The Window trigger can be set to launch a task when a specified window opens, closes, is focused, or loses focus. Additional technical information about this trigger can be found here.

To set a Window Trigger:

  1. Open the Window trigger properties dialog box per Setting Triggers. The General tab properties appears as shown above.

  2. In the Action box of the General tab, select the type of action that you want to trigger the task. The selections are:

  3. For actions where a check box appears below the Action box, check or clear the box to indicate your selection.

  4. If possible, open the window that you want to trigger the task. Then drag the AutoMate 'A' icon onto the window. This will automatically populate the Window title, Window class, and Window handle boxes.

  5. Select or clear the check boxes to set the criteria for the trigger condition. If you were not able to use drag and drop to select the window, type or select your entries. The selections are as follows:

  6. If you are using a focus or un-focus action and were not able to use drag and drop to indicate the window, you can select or clear Window is a child to further define the window. A child window is derived from another window (usually called the parent window) and drawn relative to it.

  7. If you want to further limit the criteria by the contents of the window, click the Contents tab, select Window must contain the objects, and then click Add. This opens a dialog box titled Select an Object where additional window characteristics can be selected. See Window Dissection for more details.

  1. Enter the properties as follows:

    1. If the window you are using for a trigger is open, drag the AutoMate A to select an object in the window, or click the browse button and select from the list of window objects.

    2. If the window you are using for a trigger is not open, click Edit and enter the specifications for the object. Select the check box to make the entry box active, and then type or select the specification.

    3. Click OK when you are finished.

Specifications are listed on the Contents page.

  1. If you want to add additional objects, click Add again and enter the specifications. To edit or delete an entry, select it and click Edit or Delete.

  2. If you want to enter a delay, click the Advanced tab, and then enter the number of milliseconds for the delay. Use this to prevent the trigger from checking the contents before the window has been populated.

  3. If you want the trigger to activate if the condition is met upon startup, click the Behavior tab and enable the option Trigger on startup if condition is true.

  4. If you want the condition to be met more than once before the task is triggered, enable the option Trigger after the condition has been met and select the desired amount.

  5. When you have finished entering all specifications, click OK.

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