Setting a WMI Trigger


The WMI trigger starts a task when a WQL query executes on an agent machine and returns true or more than 0 rows. Additional technical information about this trigger can be found here.


To Set the WMI Trigger:

  1. Open the WMI trigger properties dialog box per Setting Triggers. The WMI Condition properties dialog box appears.

  2. In the WQL field, enter the WMI Query Language query to execute.

  3. In the Namespace field, enter the WMI namespace to execute the query under.

  4. Select whether to use the local or remote computer to run the query on. If you select the Use remote computer option, enter either the IP address or DNS name of the remote computer in the provided text box.

  5. Click the Use specified user box and enter the username and password credentials to run the query under.

  6. In the Polling interval parameter, enter how often this trigger should monitor the resource value in seconds.

  7. If you want the trigger to activate if the condition is met upon startup, click the Behavior tab and enable the option Trigger on startup if condition is true.

  8. If you want the condition to be met more than once before the task is triggered, enable the option Trigger after the condition has been met and select the desired amount.

  9. Click OK to save all changes and close the properties dialog.


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