Setting a Service Trigger


The Service trigger is used to trigger a task when a service starts, stops, pauses, resumes or stops responding, or when a service is installed or removed. Additional technical information about this trigger can be found here.

To Set a Service Trigger:

  1. Open the Service trigger properties dialog box per Setting Triggers.

  2. In the Wait for service to box, select from the drop-down list.

  3. In the Service name box, type or select the service. Use asterisk (*) or question mark (?) as wildcard characters. For example, use *COM* to specify all COM services.  

  4. Select the check box if you want to include device and file system drivers.

  5. If you want the trigger to activate if the condition is met upon startup, click the Behavior tab and enable the option Trigger on startup if condition is true.

  6. If you want the condition to be met more than once before the task is triggered, enable the option Trigger after the condition has been met and select the desired amount.

  7. Click OK.

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