Setting a Schedule Trigger


You can use the Schedule trigger to start a task on virtually any schedule. You can specify an interval based strictly on time, or you can use days of the week or days of the month. You can also set exclusions and holidays to ensure the task does not run at certain dates and times. Additional technical information about this trigger can be found here.



To Set a Schedule Trigger:

  1. Open the Schedule trigger properties dialog box per Setting Triggers.

  1. In the Interval box of the General tab, select the interval for the schedule.

    The parameters below the Interval option changes depending on which interval is selected.

  2. Enter the specifications for the interval as follows:

  3. Under Next launch date/time, click the arrow and use the calendar to select the date; then type or select the time. To use the current date and time, click Now; this will cause the task to trigger as soon as you save it.

Note: These boxes are not present if Custom Date is selected as the interval.

  1. If you want to exclude certain days, click the Exclude tab. Click Add to add an exclusoin. Under Do not trigger task, select the type of exclusion. Then enter the specifications for the exclusion in the entries below, and click OK. You can enter additional exclusions by clicking Add again. To edit or delete an exclusion, select it from the list and click Edit or Delete.

  2. If you want to enter an end date when task triggering will cease, click the End Date tab. Then select End Date and enter the date and time you want triggering to stop.

  3. To change rescheduling properties, click the Rescheduling tab. By default, if the task is late for any reason, such as other task priorities, it will trigger immediately when the system is available, and then reschedule per the original scheduling.

Available selections for when the task is late are:

Available selections for the reschedule the task option are:

  1. Click OK when you are finished. The trigger specifications you set are shown in the Triggers properties page.


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