Setting a Key Trigger


The Key trigger is used to trigger a task on a specific combination of key presses. This can be hot keys (or shortcut keys) , such as ALT+R or auto-keys, such as a typed word or phrase. Additional technical information about this trigger can be found here.

To set a Key trigger:

  1. Open the Key trigger properties dialog box (illustrated above) per Setting Triggers.

  2. To use a shortcut key combination, from the General tab, select Trigger on the following shortcut key, click inside the text box, and then enter the desired shortcut key combination. To allow the shortcut key to continue to be active in the open application, select Allow hot key to pass through to application. (If this is not selected, the shortcut key combination will have no effect on any application other than AutoMate.)

  3. To use a typed word or phrase, select Trigger on the following autokeys, and then type the word or phrase in the provided text box. If you want the typed text to appear in an open application or document, clear the check box corresponding to Erase text before triggering task.

  4. If you want the trigger to be active only when the a particular process is active, click the Only when the following process is active check box. Select the process from the drop-down list or click the Open Folder button and navigate to the application. Use the check box below this entry box titled and the application window is in the foreground to select whether or not the application must be in the foreground.

  5. If you want the trigger to become active only after the hot key combination or autokey has been entered a specific amount of times, click the Behavior tab, enable the option Trigger after the condition has been met and enter the number of times.

  6. Newly created triggers are enabled by default. To disable a trigger, clear the Trigger is enabled checkbox.

  7. When you have finished entering all specifications, click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.

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