Setting a File System Trigger


The File System trigger is used to monitor one or more folders, and triggers a task based on files being added, removed, or modified. It can be set to watch all files in a folder or to watch for specific files. It can also watch for size thresholds of files or folders. An asterisk (*) or question mark (?) can be used as wildcard characters and a pipe symbol (|) can be used to separate multiple entries. Additional technical information about this trigger can be found here.

To Set a File Trigger:

  1. Open the File System properties dialog box per Setting Triggers.

  2. In the General tab (shown above), enter the properties as follows:

  1. Click the File Actions tab (illustrated above) and select one or more of the following options:

  1. If you want to enter masks to include or exclude specific file names, click the Filters tab (illustrated above), and make your entries according to the following guidelines:

  2. If you want the trigger to activate if the condition is met upon startup, click the Behavior tab and enable the option Trigger on startup if condition is true.

  3. If you want the condition to be met more than once before the task is triggered, enable the option Trigger after the condition has been met and select the desired amount.

  4. When you have finished entering all specifications, click OK.

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